Dreaming of a quiet Christmas


Bliss: definition – (entirely subjective) – A cool day, a fresh wind, a pot of tea and a good book. I’m almost tempted to add “what could possibly go wrong?” but that might invoke a cyclone, so I’ll stay quiet. (Note the bookmark – a little bit of self-promotion can’t be avoided…) The gorgeous tea cozy was knitted by my friend Clare – and yes, they’re useful in Darwin! Tea goes cold fast under ceiling fans.


It’s my favourite time of year to be at home : that lovely interim between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when the town is quiet, half the population seems to have either fled north to Bali or somewhere south, and the remainder are working at half pace, or going out for breakfast and reading the books they were given for Christmas last year. People linger over coffee and newspapers in cafes, and move more slowly. The word languorously springs to mind. No one minds the rain. A torrential downpour brings people out with grins and bare feet, shoes carried across the gushing streets. It’s COOL. It’s humid, but it’s not 36C either.

During this quiet time, Lex and I have read books, spent time with friends we don’t see enough of, written long overdue letters – real letters – and taken grandkids to the movies. We’ve also put up a pin board in my writing room, setting me up to start work on the 2nd of January. I’ve pinned up props and prompts that will hopefully keep me on track, spark ideas, and remind me what I’m trying to do.  (When I’ve figured that out enough, I’ll tell you.) The grey is a bit boring, but I reckon I’ll have it hidden in another few weeks.

So for now, I wish everyone a peaceful and happy festive season, and a safer, saner and more constructive year ahead. Here’s hoping.

Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “Dreaming of a quiet Christmas

  1. Have a good one Jo and I hope inspiration comes to you on January 2, when you start work :) We are taking it easily, Penang at this time of the year is like Rosebud is to Melbourne, the Mecca for Malaysian holiday makers and hoons, we keep a low profile and chill out, planning our next Australian trip.

    • Thanks Robin, and the same to you and Penny. I remember what Rosebud was like 45-50 years ago – I don’t think it’s changed much, except for the cars. looking forward to catching up with you both when you reappear in Darwin!

  2. Hi Jo, thanks delighted to see this, and happy new year to you both from just outside Compiegne where its been snowing and we’ve spent two days inside cooking (including my favourite rabbit stew) eating amazing french food, drinking gorgeous wines, enjoying delightful company and watching the fire; I guess thats languorous works from this end of the world too. See you back in darwin mid january Jen & Chris xxx

    • Sounds like my kind of travelling Jennie and Chris… definitely. Looking forward to the photos and the stories. See you when you get home! XX

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