New book finished!

My current work in progress is finished, and on its way to my agent in Sydney!

This book is my first general fiction; ie not a story aimed at children. It opens in 2009, focusing on a forensic anthropologist off to work at Fromelles, France, on the excavation of mass graves of Australian and British soldiers from WW1. It’s a family saga, concerning the effects of war trauma on families through several generations.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, and especially enjoyed the research, which meant most of my reading for the last year and a half has been about the First World War and the people who fought in it. It also brought me into contact with some fascinating people: expert forensic anthropologists, crime scene police and doctors all provided information and advice. Here’s a brief synopsis – a ‘back of the book’ type blurb…

Dr Kat Kelso is a forensic anthropologist. Dead bodies don’t bother her. Live ones are far more troublesome. Kat works all over the world digging up mass graves for war crimes investigations. This time she is headed for the old western front, in northern France, a place of terrible carnage and loss in the First World War. In France she is destined to discover more than just lost soldiers. But before she leaves for France, a favour for an old friend – identifying a body found in a hidden grave in Sydney – claims her attention. And nearly her life.

2 thoughts on “New book finished!

  1. Hi Joanne,
    I loved your book ‘Outback Heart’ and am really looking forward to reading your new one! I’ve followed your blogs over the years and have to say that I admire your courage in taking on new challenges. You’re an inspiration to we couch potatoes of the world who are content to just read about other people’s adventures!
    Best wishes
    Lucia Fernando

  2. hi there
    i loved your first book outback heart..i have read it twice now.
    my 13 yr old daughter read it also and enjoyed your childrens books.
    i look fwd to reading your latest book!
    peter voss

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